There's something about reflections that always inspires me to take a step back and wonder. When my friend shot and shared this photo, the artist in me was drawn in; the nature-lover in me was transported to this beautiful spot on the Muskanetcong River; the scientist in me remembered why a smooth glassy surface reflects light; and the yogi in me just breathed in deeply, expanding my senses. 

My attention came to the rising mist, and the sun shining and reflecting off the water. I wondered about how we perceive things. I looked at the photo at 90 degrees, and then again upside down, questioning for a moment whether the light was emanating from the sky or from the water or both, and then noticing the interplay between them. 
Seeing, sensing and wondering in new ways can nourish our creativity by helping us discover what we'd like to reflect more of in our lives. Watching our thoughts and responses can help us then shine forth and create in a way that resonates from deep within us. 

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