Happy 2014

In honor of 2014, I thought I'd do some quick research to see what we might look forward to, and learned some highlights will be:

February 7-23, The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia

August 24, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will cross the orbit of Neptune after traveling for over eight years. (New Horizons is scheduled to reach its mission target, Pluto, in 2015.

December 31, the US and the UK will officially withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, marking the end of their 13-year involvement in the Afghan Civil War.

Also likely is that Moore's Law of continuous microchip miniaturization will become obsolete in 2014 due to economic constraints, and a commercial cure for baldness is predicted. Likely there'll be plenty of other triumphs and challenges that  Wikipedia can't predict. 

Something that stands out for me is that NASA's new horizon spaceship is scheduled to reach it's mission target, Pluto, next year, after nine years of travel and unknown years of launch preparation. The other examples have also required years to manifest. The point is, it's fine and often necessary to flow with what comes; but if we know we want to go to Pluto someday, we might not want to wait till someday to begin the journey. 

What does your Pluto look like, and what needs to be done to get there? 
I hope that 2014 is the year we all move towards our highest creative goals with intention, intelligence, and continued inspiration. Why wait, let's begin right now. 

                                            Happy New Year 



Not every idea is a good idea.
Can you just hear my loved ones telling me what they think of this one?
"Oh, boy, what's she going to think of next? We better not have to pull a sleigh..."
Sometimes loved ones aren't the best to screen a creative idea, as we can be more sensitive to their critique. Sometimes, if it's something really dear to us, it's best to carry on despite their skepticism. Best is when we all agree this is worth spending time on. 

Here's wishing you and your loved ones Happy Holidays. 
Despite our differences, let's agree that the important thing is to do our best to enjoy the moments and create harmony and loving joy together.



Being stuck creatively is like being frozen. 
We feel like we can't go on, or we don't know how to move next, or like we're caught in a rigid pattern. When we remember to focus on what's positive and on what we can do, we might be able to start to look beyond the ice, see what's most beautiful, and begin again on what's possible now.
This winter, maybe try seeing beyond the cold and darkness and instead focus on what's light and heart warming. When we create from these higher places, we create our best. 



Building an idea and bringing it to it's best fruition 
can be a little like birthing a baby. 
Your initial concept is the seed. If it's a good one, it then needs to be planted in fertile ground. Only by nurturing this seed and sending it the positive energy it deserves can it grow and come to a healthy life. 
Newborn, swaddled, and fed, it may continue to expand into it's full potential.
Think of ways you can better nourish whatever you're trying to create today. 
For starters, try enjoying it, maybe even loving it, and give it your full attention through encouraging words, thoughts, and actions. Find support where needed. Having given it your best and time, who knows how it may grow?