Child's Eye

Have you ever let a child borrow your digital camera 
and just sat back and watched their creative process? 

                They often begin snapping pictures by imitating what they've seen others doing.
They may go bananas snapping all in sight as they experiment.
 To a child with a camera, everything is photo-worthy.
     A child doesn't edit subject from surroundings, and doesn't try to get it straight or "right."
They absorb it and take it all in, from their perspective, without judgement, just enjoying.

We can take several inspirations from a child with a camera. First, let's create environments that are worth captivating our children's focus. Second, let's remember that our children have no filter and see from an innocent, broad and open view. If stuck exploring something new, maybe start by imitating someone or something that's been successful, and move from there, sweeping broadly before narrowing. A creative block buster could be taking photos from your 5 year old height, and just have fun and see what arises from a new perspective. 

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