As I prepare to celebrate this Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for health, family, friends, abundance, creativity, choices, strengths, confidence, love, joy, compassion, life... the list goes on... this moment. I've developed the habit each morning of going outdoors (usually barefoot) and while waiting for my puppy to do her business, I take a little time to practice gratitude for all I see and can think of. At this time of year, that often requires ignoring my cold feet as I melt the frost beneath them, and instead focusing on my grateful heart. 

 Gratitude is just one practice that grounds and inspires me, 
and acts like a doorway to today's creative possibilities. 
It's also the best way I know to create an inner, open, joyful space
and feel energized to say "Yes!" and meet whatever arrives on today's path.
Here's hoping you, too, have much to be grateful for and that it leads you in creative ways. 




To get a new answer, try asking a better question

Creativity can start by being curious and curiouser!


Child's Eye

Have you ever let a child borrow your digital camera 
and just sat back and watched their creative process? 

                They often begin snapping pictures by imitating what they've seen others doing.
They may go bananas snapping all in sight as they experiment.
 To a child with a camera, everything is photo-worthy.
     A child doesn't edit subject from surroundings, and doesn't try to get it straight or "right."
They absorb it and take it all in, from their perspective, without judgement, just enjoying.

We can take several inspirations from a child with a camera. First, let's create environments that are worth captivating our children's focus. Second, let's remember that our children have no filter and see from an innocent, broad and open view. If stuck exploring something new, maybe start by imitating someone or something that's been successful, and move from there, sweeping broadly before narrowing. A creative block buster could be taking photos from your 5 year old height, and just have fun and see what arises from a new perspective. 


Right, Wrong, or Original?

Are you trying to create a perfect creative solution for something in your life? 
Perhaps it's a new assignment at work, an illustration on a short timeline, a home renovation project, or an attempt to develop a more peaceful relation with a coworker or family member. 
Maybe you have no idea how to best approach it. 
Maybe you've been trying so hard and you want, maybe even need, so badly to get this one right, that you feel stuck and have no idea how to proceed. Or possibly you have many ideas, no way of knowing which will be best, and only one chance to get it right. 
Worry, fear of being wrong, and perfectionism all block the creative process. Instead, see if you can pause, get still, and approach from a place of inner ease. When we trust our intuition and move effortlessly, that's when our best, original creativity happens. 

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." Ken Robertson