Many Hats

What's a 
to do next? 

First, take a great big inhalation.

Second, take heart that it's ok to have many roles, as long as there's balance.

 Next, examine and refocus my energy and eliminate pseudo-procrastination and distractions.
And continue, one step at a time, with faith that I'm moving forward on my path, 
even if there's times it may feel a bit slippery.

I just returned from a month in NYC caring for my grandson 
and largely staying away from my normal routine. 
I had a great time being paid in baby giggles, 
and began examining what I want to continue doing, 
what I want to stop doing, and what I want to start doing more of. 

How about you, what might you do more of or less of to achieve your next creative goal? 

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