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Last weekend I attended GLVWG's Write Stuff Writer's Conference in Allentown, PA. I found a wonderful group of creative souls attending and gained a lot of support, encouragement, and valuable feedback. The seminars I attended, which were presented by Jane Friedman, Jeanette WindleCarol Wedeven, Jon Gibbs, and Lee Upton, were all valuable. It was a compact weekend chock full of relevant information for anyone interested in improving their writing and expanding their audience. With the rise of e-publishing and e-retailing, the worlds of publishing and book distribution and sales are evolving rapidly. My biggest takeaways were that it's easier than ever to be published because we can do it ourselves, but it's more challenging to successfully have one's work widely distributed and read. One must be skillful and original in their genre, and stand out uniquely and visibility through effective platforming and networking. I came home with an abundance of notes to sift into a workable "DO LIST" and an overwhelming sense of compulsion towards continuing to learn and focusing towards my highest strengths, interests, and goals. 
I wonder, instead of publishing because we can, what would happen if we publish only when we can't not? What if we share only what's most important for us to express? This way, with our writings containing our hearts' depths, maybe the audience will continue arriving. 

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