Sometimes happy accidents come along that bring usefulness that we weren't searching for. What might at first appear to be a failed experiment or result, might turn out to be the solution to a different project or an entirely different problem we didn't know we had. 

After my morning shower, I recently stepped outside to walk my dog. 
It was unusually cold and windy, and I felt something a little odd. 
I reached up and realized my hair had frozen solid. 
I tousled my hair and shook out all the ice, then stepped inside to 
discover I now had a perfect, freeze-dried hair style. 
Could this be the start of a new invention? I can see it now, a simple device that gets held over a wet head, and instantly freezes one's hair. Just think, no more frizz, no more heat damage! Not only that, it would simultaneously give a dose of powerful icy Yin energy. Maybe I'll do some market research and hop onto a plane to China to see who can manufacture this for me. 
Hmmm, on the other hand, maybe one could just stick their head in the freezer. 

After evaluation, all serendipitous ideas aren't going to pay off. However, if we're attentive and learn to capture these surprises and random thoughts, perhaps in time 
something really novel and worthwhile will result.

Here's hoping you have a day filled with creative serendipity.

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