Recreating the Heart of the Home

 After 25 years in our budget-built home, and with things breaking daily, we decided it was time to upgrade to a quality kitchen. Though we still loved the overall look and feel, 
we were tired of avalanches, leaks, and permanent stains. There was nowhere left to duct-tape, glue, staple, or screw our particle board drawers. Hardware had come undone, our appliances were semi-dysfunctional, and it was time for an overhaul. 

Sticking with the existing footprint, we obsessed about choices of contractors, colors, and materials. The more we looked, the more possibilities we dreamed up. At some point, it became clear that we'd have to stick to a budget and go with our gut to get this project completed. We decided a modern, earthy, artsy atmosphere would fit us well and hopefully any future owner of this house. A little nervous about getting away from the bright almond color, I finally realized the choices we make would be the only ones we would know for now; besides, it's just a kitchen: important to be functional; preferable to be beautiful; and mostly a space for nourishing the heart of the home. 
 The kitchen itself is not the heart. Our family and friends bring the heart as we share meals.
There are lots of nice kitchens, and I wish we could have seen all the options we imagined, but we really like our new one. We are now enjoying filling it with lots of love. 

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  1. I like the pattern in the flooring. Glad you kept it.