Do It

To some, creative possibilities come so quickly that little actual creating gets done. This is fine if we have a team working the execution end and our job is ideating, or if we're in an incubating phase. Otherwise, we can get lost in a sea of "gonna do's,"  "gonna makes," and "to do's," losing our best inspirations to cloud nine. Also, if unfocused, energy can get lost on lesser parallel tasks, fixin' to work rather than sustaining meaningful effort on something larger.
 It's wise to have a system to capture ideas quickly when the muse comes. I love paper, you can fold it, cut it, color it, paste it, mix it up, crumple it, toss it, and otherwise jot things quickly. I often capture sketches and thoughts in small unlined journals, which I keep by my bed, in my purse, in my car, and on my desk. I also carry a camera since you never know what you might find as you go. Others find it easier to capture things directly to their smart devices. One day a week, I filter through my journals and photos, delete what's not useful, and capture the best either in a project binder or in a google docs file. Even if much of this won't get used as is or ever, it creates a great idea file towards future inspiration and development.

The rest of the week, I schedule time to actively focus on my next blog entry, yoga class, painting, or whatever I'm actively creating today. I also always have at least one worthwhile long term creative project that I'm focusing energy towards daily. This way, it may only be a banana bread that I complete today, but with time, I'll create something more substantial to share. 
There's a time to muse and a time to do. Now go do that thing you dream of doing.

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