Yogi in NYC, part 2

As the BlogHer12 energy overwhelmed me, I decided to walk a few blocks to Central Park to do some early morning yoga. Not there yet, after several minutes I began to wonder if I had imagined passing the park the night before. I quickened my pace, ignoring the garbage and enjoying the views. 
Love the cool asymmetrical brick work on this building
Still not there yet, and sure now that this was the wrong way as I neared 1st Avenue, I wondered if there'd be a spot for my mat near the river. I spoke with a concierge who told me that there was a nice little public garden 2 buildings away. 

The garden turned out to be a small area with uneven cement pavers. A homeless man was sleeping on a bench and I hesitated, then carefully avoided some broken glass and set up my mat overlooking the water. 
I closed my eyes and got still, noting the beauty of the river, the boats, the blue sky, the sun shining, and the gentle warm wind against me. 
Soon after beginning to move with my breath, I noticed a large gooey spot on the paver in front of my mat. I let the thought, "Eeooew, I wonder what that is?" float out of my mind like a cloud rolling by. I went into triangle pose, reaching my fingertips towards the top of the skyscrapers.
A woman came in walking her dog. "Cute dog" passed through my mind like another cloud. Then a man came in walking his dog. "Big dog" wandered through my mind. Then another dog entered, pulling it's master, and I watched long enough to see the dog lift it's leg. "Wait a minute," shouted my mind, and the thought did not pass. "I'm doing yoga in the middle of a dog park!" I tried to let it pass like a fluffy cumulous cloud, but dark storm clouds were rolling in faster. "Eeooew, what's that spot?" returned. Other loud ideas of just what it might be, as well as what my mat may be sitting on, followed. 

"Breathe. Let the ribs move out on the inhale, in on the exhale," I told myself as I do my students. "Don't judge it, just stay with the breath." I decided to remain where I was and see if I could finish my practice, continuing to move from my center. I noted I was breathing faster than usual. My mind stayed busier, too. "I'm a yogi, I shouldn't be bothered; and, "I guess I'm not there yet" were duly noted, as was the wall in front of me that suddenly appeared to have vomit dripping down it. I calmed myself with a wide-legged forward fold, and this is what I saw:
The homeless man was gone and someone else had sat down. And, wow! It's not every day you see a tree doing a headstand in the middle of a dog park in NYC. I laughed aloud. 


  1. Loved this post! Would have loved to have been with you enjoying that belly laugh at the dog park.

  2. It's good to know there's someone out there who is laughing with me instead of at me in the dog park : )
    It's so important not to take ourselves too seriously.