Yogi in NYC, Part 1

I like to try new things, so when my sister invited me to the BlogHer12 conference, I thought, "Why not?" I found myself amongst 5000 bloggers who had convened to meet, share, learn, and get inspired. 
We ran from presentations, 
to parties, 
to events like dancing with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. 
In our spare time, we met corporate sponsors
and collected swag. 

What's swag? It's free loot, and here's what mine looks like: 

What does this have to do with blogging? I have no idea. And yes, I only have two eyes and 2 arms. In case you're wondering, I asked for a dozen eye masks to aid relaxation in my yoga classes at the local juvenile detention center. The cotton totes were on a swag swap table, and were too good to see thrown away.

I found myself avidly exchanging business cards, 

meeting many interesting souls, 
"It's an every day job lighting
and heating the earth." Sun Man

and getting caught up in a flurry of stories, often hearing a lot of "I... I... I..."
"Ay Yi Yi," some of it was even coming from my mouth.
(Self awareness is the first step, right?)
Wondering how it would save time to take the time it would take to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Tumblr, Nibble, Cozi, Britely, etc, I heard the words "And on your smartphone, you can..." one time too many. I inquired, "What if you don't have a smartphone?" About 200 jaws dropped on the faces of almost everyone in the room. Apparently I became the subject of many tweets, like "Can you believe someone doesn't have a smartphone?" and, "OMG what does she do?" and "I didn't know they still make dumb phones." I reveled knowing I had inspired some deep conversation. 

I decided not to mention aloud that I don't get tweeting, much less re-tweeting. What's that? For a moment, I wished I were retreating at an art or yoga camp. Ever-present, I vowed to definitely treat myself to a yoga vacation soon, since I'd need it after this.

As I listened to Martha Stewart's keynote address, I busied my hands decorating bags for myself and my sister on free cotton totes with borrowed Sharpie markers.  

I resonated with Martha as she questioned where our culture is 
heading in this age of information overload: 
  1. "What's going on in the heads of modern women to come to a conference like this?"
  2. "How are we spending our time in a world that has changed so drastically, and are we spending it on the right things?"
  3. "Are we progressing?"

Someone suggested, "Don't check your mail first in the morning, get one thing done first."  "Do what you say." "Focus." Ah, these felt yogic, and yes, I'll keep hitting my mat first thing daily. I'm not sure who I'll give all my swag to, or what I'll do next as far as staying mostly invisible or immersing further in social networking. In any case, I've met some neat people and got an overview of the possibilities of using technology and online community to promote one's cause. Hmmm...


  1. As a social media consultant and owner of a smartphone, I absolutely agree that it is vital that for the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes (at least), that you are NOT online. I advise to take this time to grab a cup of coffee and read a book, meditate or take a deep breath in before the day takes all your energy away. This will help reduce stress :) I love your perspective of blogher.

    1. Thanks for the good suggestions to reduce stress and reenergize. That really is what it's about, our life energy and how we use it.