When a new friend and I talked about swapping blog addresses, I was surprised to feel myself hesitate. 
Of course, blogs are to be read, right? Just like paintings are to be admired and musical instruments are to be heard and cheesecakes are to be savored, right? 
Whether others enjoy our work or not, we can paint for the joy of immersing ourselves in the flow of colors. We can aim to sync our hands, breath, mind, and soul when we play an instrument. We can be present while we bake, stirring in love with each added ingredient. The outcome may not always be great, but how we enjoy the process of creating can be as important as the "Why?" or "For who?" or "Will it be good enough?"

Aware that I was being a little silly, I rose from my insecurity saying, "Sure, you first, what's your blog address?"
Creating can leave us feeling a little exposed. Once we toss that blog post out there, it's available for anyone or nobody, as the case may be. We need to trust the process and that the authentic, inner self that urged us to write and share will be just fine with whatever "they" may (or may not) think. We can just abandon attachment to approval and be satisfied that we've created from our best place.

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