Eagle Eye

Walking on a not so beaten path between several corn fields here in Easton, PA, 
I bumped into a friend who asked, "Did you see the eagle?"

Um, nope. What eagle? 

I looked around, wondering if I had been 
so distracted that I could have missed such an amazing rare sight.

He showed me where a family had built their nest, tucked high in the 
only white tree in the distance and overlooking the Delaware River. 
It was difficult to spot, but with his binoculars, I got a clear view of the large 
nest and the two eaglets who were standing on it's edge, awaiting their next meal.
Aware of their surroundings and seeing us, they crouched lower in their nest, 
instinctively protecting themselves from harm. 
At least 75 ft. high in the tree where not much can bother them, the family has an eagle's view of their prey, which is largely fish from the river. Mom and Dad, who mate for life, use their keen vision, intelligence, and survival instincts to fish and hunt, 
feeding themselves and their young. 
If you look closely, you may be able to see the two eaglet's heads in the nest. 

When we walk with presence, we see much more than when we let our minds wander. 
Even when on a familiar path, with awareness and focus we may be surprised to find things we never noticed were there. It took a magnificent species to remind me to open my "eagle eye" and see what's before me. With eyes open and now alert, I found so much more to draw me 
into the natural creation around me.

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