Creative Power of Spirit

When we constructively use the talents and strengths we have, 
we tune ourselves to our innate creative power, and more comes. 
Success follows us as we move with creative spirit on our path. 
Where else might you unleash your creativity? 
When do your heartstrings feel most in tune?


Creating Quiet

In this busy interconnected world of the 21st century, we tend to move quickly and noisily through our days, multitasking and cramming in as much activity and conversation as we can. 
Taking time daily to get still and quiet often brings us further towards our goals. Creating quiet allows us to listen deeply within, opening spaces that can lead to focused action and mindful speech, assisting us in all our endeavors. 
How deeply can you sit in quiet, with still mind and body, even if only a few minutes? 
What might you find there?


Creating Joy

When we feel sad, angry, stressed, or overwhelmed, we have two choices. 
We can wallow in our forlorn state,
or we can breathe with it and begin to move mindfully, 
one breath and step at a time, 
inviting a more positive heart space to replace the one that's not serving us. 
This is yoga, moving with the breath towards our deepest, highest, most joyful space.