Recently spending time with creating friends, we decided to 
recycle glass bottles to see what could be re-created. 
I silenced the "Why bother?" and other not so helpful thwarting thoughts. 
Instead, I let the project unfold as it did, creating while enjoying the company of friends.
 Before long, a simple bottle was transformed into 
meditative figure with outstretched arms, beckoning towards joyful opening. 
Doubt is the saboteur to possibility. 
When we create, evaluating and judging can interfere, 
leading us to compare or think we aren't good enough; 
how much better to believe in ourselves and create 
with confidence and for the joy of creating.
Maybe what results isn't great art. The process itself is what's greater.
All we need to do is to remember that we're the masterpiece, 
and that we're always able to grow and reach from where we are. 
What process will you immerse yourself in with confidence today?

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