...The word paints an expansive picture of springing, jumping, or suddenly covering great distances in a single, abrupt bound to get well beyond where we are now. We can move by leaps and bounds, but haste won't always lead us forward. Sometimes we can leap the farthest by beginning change right where we are, using care and taking our time. 

We all know a creative person who can effortlessly skip steps to get to a final solution, jumping from A and B immediately to Z. This person has done their homework and is intimate with their art and it's many possibilities. Most of us need to take smaller, patient steps with discipline and practice to get to where we want to be. Baby steps often bring us farther than impetuous leaps.
Here's hoping that when you leap, it's with joy and mindfulness. Have a Happy Leap Day.


  1. Awwww!!! When did she start climbing stairs?

    1. Several weeks ago. First one step, and before long, all the way up and down.