Colorful World

I received a box today and inside was delighted to find
a 132-pack of Premiere Prismacolor pencils. 
132 is far more colors than anyone needs. There's only subtle 
differences in shades between many of the pencils, 
but this is what makes them beautiful for blending
Gazing at the color range, creative possibilities immediately started twirling 
in my mind's eye. I set out at once to try out the pencils, enjoying their soft, 
smooth application and doodling with the abandon of a child.
I then set about to creating a little world of joyful, whimsical beings.  

These little people reminded me that we are all more alike than different.
Our unique outer appearances hint of our unique manifestations of inner spirit. 
This is what leads us to express our best and to create all we are and do. 

May you feel inspired to bring out extra colorfulness as you create this day. 


Good Questions

When our soul, mind, or body are disturbed, our entire being is impacted. 
When we become aware of and examine our patterns of feeling, thought, and movement, we can begin to create less internal struggle and more ease in our lives. A good starting place in this process is asking ourselves good questions.
Here's a few questions I'm asking while in New Year assessment mode: 

What emotion do I most wish to heal and what would I like to replace it with?
What thought can I let go of that's not helping me?
What action can I take towards improving life for myself and others?

And, "Who do you want to be before you die?"

What's your best question to challenge you towards creating your best life?