Creating Care

Concerned about loved ones and having just finished the book Hunger, I was in a bit of a funk as my husband and I visited Bethlehem PA. I vowed to return to my joyful heart as we stopped into the historic and allegedly haunted Sun Inn, which George and Martha Washington visited. 
Looking around the once posh antique kitchen, I was reminded how lucky we are to be living at this time, in this place, in the US. Most of us have modern conveniences like running water and electricity, the opportunity for education, and some choice in where and how we live and work. Most of us don't need to make our own candles, hunt and butcher our own meats, or spin our own fabric. Most of us need not worry of a flaming death while cooking over the open fire. In fact, most of us here are materially better off than at any time or place in the known history of the world. Our biggest worries and imbalances are often rooted in complexity and excess instead of insufficiency. 

I may not be able to cure the hunger or suffering around me, much less of the world.  I can care deeply that others suffer, while still cultivating joy within. We can feed our own spirits, letting go of worry, sadness, and struggle and instead creating care through attitudes like love, gratitude, hope, and joy.

I wish you and your family a joyful holiday season and time to renew and refuel spirits with positivity and care. 

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