Move from Within

It's fascinating to watch babies as they learn to move. 
Here's a picture of the youngest yogi in the family, 7 month old Leila.
She moves from her center, and outward from within. 
All her actions originate from her spine, strengthening her 
core with each movement. Soon she'll be crawling, then walking. 
Eventually she'll start working with her arms in front of her, 
and with time gravity will inevitably start to take its toll. 
Hopefully she will always hold her center and know her strength, 
moving from within rather than from her periphery, and following 
her heart rather than being overwhelmed by others and the world. 

Yoga is one way for us to reconnect with our inner strength and move 
in all we do from our center, with ease and grace. 
What helps you to move from within?

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