Big Firsts

We tend to remember the big firsts in our lives, regardless of the outcome- the first day of school, our first date, the first kiss, weddings, childbirth, each new job and boss, and other initiations that create our lives and bring us deeper into exploring our world, relationships, and selves.

There are many firsts that stand out for me, but I'll fast forward to a Saturday morning about ten years ago, when I spontaneously took an alternate route home. Passing by, I noticed the yoga studio was open, and on a whim decided to pop in to find out more and pick up a schedule. Instead, I was persuaded to join the class and give it a try. I had no idea what a journey I was undertaking, or what an internal practice yoga becomes, but had curiosity and a beginner's mind, so watched and surprised myself as I inhaled and exhaled on command and copied the physical postures, bending myself in half, around, and upside down. At the end of class, laying on a quarter inch thin mat on a hard floor, I came to relax more deeply than I knew was possible, feeling life energy coursing through me. Leaving the studio, I knew I'd be back to yoga, and have been, almost daily, since.  
This morning while in final relaxation after yoga, a vivid memory of that first experience wandered into my mind and I let it pass. I replaced it with a profound sense of gratitude for the creative and healing openings and insights this practice continues to lead towards.

What big first was so powerful for you that it stands out and continues to transform your life? Can you still harness the beginner's mind energy that you first brought to it? Where can you stray from your normal path and what might be found there?

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