Each day, I try to do at least one thing differently. I guess it's the scientist in me and years of creating new art products that pushes me to question, wonder, and find out for myself. So, when I heard about a type of watercolor paper that is lousy for painting, I needed to get my hands on some, just to see for myself what it is, how it works, and what it might be good for. As it turns out, just watching and playing, and ignoring my first findings that wondered, "How can anyone sell this as watercolor paper?" I came to like the stuff.  Laying down quick and thick paint and then scratching into it was an enjoyable process that led to completely different results than standard watercolor paper allows. 

Here's a whimsical scape that resulted from the exploration:
My curiosity and wondering transformed into a somewhat 
primitive but magical, reflective, and dreamy world

When have you tried something new and been surprised with a better result than expected?


  1. Lets use some of this with the girls. It's like that ink scratch board only brighter!

  2. I think it's beautiful!!! Amazing results!!!