I've arrived back after a short break to find that in my few weeks of absence, blogger has new options that allow you to customize your blogging experience. Yes, the universe is ever whirling and in our physical and virtual worlds, we continue to have choices and more choices- sometimes more than are necessary or even beneficial to us. It's almost dizzying.
I'm writing this post as a test to see how the new "Magazine" style pages feel. I invite you to visit the site, play with the various magazine options on the left, and see how you like this interface for the blog, which gives the ability to quickly scan past entries. To me, it feels brighter and busier, like a fun and overly colorful landscape, with the details of where we stand and which direction we gaze omitted for us each to fill in. 
So, I'm curious, what do you think? Do you prefer the old look, or do you like the ability to have a quick overview and options in how you view the pages? 

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