Recently Julean Treasure gave a TED talk about how our listening skills have been diminishing. He suggested we use the following practices to bring back skillful 
listening and to help raise our consciousness and peacefulness: 
1. Practice getting completely silent for several minutes a day. 
2. Take time to listen to and isolate all the mixed up sounds where you are
3. Pay attention to the "hidden choir"and savor the mundane sounds around you, from the crickets chirping to the whir of the clothes dryer.
4. Notice how you listen, whether you are judging the sound, what it's quality is, how it's making you feel, and if you are actively listening or letting it all drone in the background.
5. When you receive a new sound, notice, appreciate, and summarize it's essence.
To Julean's excellent list, I'd like to suggest we:
A. Stop what we're doing and give undivided attention when others are speaking.
B. Pay attention to each sound we make, from our footsteps to closing doors, eating, speaking, and breathing. If we get silent enough, we might even hear our own heartbeats. 
C. If we remember that all sound is vibration, and vibration is energy, we might want to minimize our contribution to the noisy buzz, and instead move and speak in ways that add positive energy. 
Sounds and words are powerfully creative, and we can all learn to be more intentional 
in the quality of sounds we contribute. With improved quality of sound, 
maybe we'll all want to listen more carefully. 

What do you hear, how is the sound where you are right now? 


  1. There was an article about white noise in the paper this morning. Lots of different kinds.