Children absorb themselves in whatever is before them, playing, creating, and uncovering wonders as they go. A child doesn't think about how his art will turn out, but instead immerses himself in the process. 

Here is my grandson Kaj, exploring and creating with markers.

As he drew he exclaimed, "Oh, look! I'm drawing those things that turn into frogs." Here is his completed "Tadpoles:"

A few minutes earlier, using watercolors, he made "Colored Rain:" 

The art process brings openings and a break from the routine for all of us, young and old. This week I'm letting go of my "To Do's" for several days and will be immersing myself in a watercolor and yoga retreat. I'm packing my childlike spirit of discovery, and am looking forward to a new experience and whatever insights develop. 

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  1. Andree, I hope you are blessed and replenished in your time of retreat. I am hoping to have a couple of days like that next week and finally get back to some much neglected artwork while my children are away with their dad x