Creative Space Available

To create, it's helpful to have a space that's ready and inviting, saving time from
constant preparation and "fixing to work." With that in mind, I decided to dedicate a small 
corner of my yoga room to become my watercolor corner. I needed the workspace to be 
sturdy but portable, so that I can easily slide the table into the next room when space is needed. 

I rummaged my basement and found the perfect ingredients:
An old, dog chewed side table,
a wooden plank and 2 old wooden slats.
With a plan in place, my man was all aboard to help out, 
eager for an opportunity to exercise one of his many power tools. 
 A few minutes later, the table was made.  I covered it with a garbage bag, 
organized my watercolor tools, added a workshop light, and stuffed an old 
t-shirt to raise a little stool to the correct height.   
Ready and organized, I sat right down to paint.
It wasn't a masterpiece, but the process felt perfect.
What activity do you spend time preparing for constantly?
How could you better organize it so it invites you to create more often and with ease?


  1. Nice! Pretty soon I am going to turn a bedroom into a photo studio.

  2. Does this mean I have to finish my mosaic table I started a year ago?

  3. Loved the simplicity of this space ... it is ready for you when you are ready to paint.
    Need to find something like this for me; it seems over the past two weeks, every time I start, I have to stop and 'clean up' my work .... thanks for sharing this idea.