A stroll through a museum can inspire awe, 
leading us to wonder, "How did someone create such a masterpiece?"

Viewing Georges-Pierre Seurat's Grandcamp, Evening
 we can focus in 
and examine closer, 

coming to a deeper view of the parts and better seeing how the 

small dots, or Pointillism, come together to create the whole. 

Or we can view Van Gogh's Starry Night in all it's complexity, 
then concentrate on a smaller area, 
uncovering the textures and repeated brush 
underlying the entire painting.

In art, we learn to look closely and represent what we see, feel, 

or hear by observing and absorbing ourselves in a series 

of small movements till we're done. 

In the art of yoga, through the repeated activity of moving with our breath 
and focusing deeper within, we come to awaken and expand 
our awareness and can transform our lives.

In the art of life, we grow through various stages, 

feeling, and experiencing. Attentive to our unique set 
of strengths, actions, attitudes, 
and the movement of those around us, 

we come to co-create the masterpieces that are our lives. 

Next time you find yourself framed in a mirror, 
try taking a kinder peek than usual, and smile 
at the 

masterpiece you are becoming and are. 

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