Carrying Through

One of my favorite spiritual teachers is Eknath Easwaran
In his book Words to Live By, he says:
"To achieve our highest potential in life, we must cultivate the capacity to carry through. Activity is not achievement. It is not enough to rush about beginning a lot of things and keeping busy. A well-spent life is one that rounds out what it has begun. The life of a great artist or scientist is usually shaped by a single desire, carried through to the very end." 
I read and reread this paragraph, asking myself, 
"Do I carry through?" 
"Is it too late, or was I meant to be great at something?" 
"What do I most desire? Where am I wasting time?"
"What if I focused on just one activity, which would it be?" 

All my unfinished projects flashed before me.
I laughed, because the picture of my head exploding on the yoga mat 
is the opposite of what yoga does for my mind. Since yoga, 
I focus heart and mind deeply in whatever I'm doing now. 

Admittedly, I try to do a lot, and might benefit from some time cost/benefit analysis.

I hope to create joy and inspire creative, balanced well-being 
and positive imagination. For now, I do this through teaching yoga, through 
a variety of arts, and through being who I am. My process is rarely linear, 
and I may find I'll accomplish the most by letting some things go. 
I'm not done yet. Time will tell how I round out all I've begun

Where can you do less activity to achieve more?

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