What Inspires You?

What inspires me are what connects us all, 
beauty, nature, the capabilities of the human body, 
the resiliency of the human spirit, 
and the playful possibilities of each moment. 

I often find inspiration from yoga, art, children, 
conversations with friends and strangers, reading books, 
being in the presence of excellence, 
strolling in the woods, 
shining in the sun, and swimming in the sea.

What impresses me are those of us who grow up through life's challenges without losing their inner magical child, and the amazing accomplishments of ordinary humans, being.

I'm grateful for the many friends and teachers who've been an inspiration through the years, and also for 
extraordinary folk whose lives and works touch and inspire many, 
ranging from Da Vinci, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa to Dr. Seuss (to name just a very few).

We can be inspired by anyone who shares their talent and insights, and by anything that 
stirs or stretches our hearts and minds. Whenever we authentically share our unique form of beauty, joy, love, talent, or truth, we may also inspire others.  

Here's someone with a lot to share, 11 year old Jackie Evancho singing Nessun Dorma: 

What or who inspires you the most? 

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