Use Up, Clean Up, & Let Go

I know.  I said I'm blogged down, and here I am again.  That's because I'm stalling.  

I'm supposed to be cleaning for a houseful of family coming soon, and instead stuck and side-tracked on the heap that triples as my art studio, office, and dining room.
Hating to waste and ever mindful of the environment, it's hard to discard what I can envision making something out of someday.  So, when I found this (yes, they're recycled post-it notes and paper holes from punching pages for 3-ring binders)
 and the thought arose "Just throw them out," it was balanced with the counter-thought "Hmmm, I was going to make something out of these."  I didn't stop to add the third better thought that comes now, which is, "Why?"

Here's what happened next.  

Glue again,
leftovers still.
More glue,
and finally I uncovered my zen breakfast bowl. 

I paused to wash it, noting the result was
one small step closer to the goal of a clean studio.
 A bit of this and that more, and I declared the piece of work done, 
(and myself hopefully done with pieces of work).
 How's that for abstract?    

Finally, in one fell swoop, I'd tested a new idea and media, 
used up some clutter, laughed at myself, 
and made a little progress on cleaning. 

A strong nudge is growing to start experimenting with 
"less is more" and to let go of a lot more stuff.  I think I'll 
head back from abstract towards concrete. 

How about you, what's the oddest thing you're hanging onto that you might 
be able to use for something someday? 

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  1. For years I held onto a bunch of silk bowties -- the kind women (including me) used to wear to work with suits. I thought I'd make a pillow out of them. Never made the pillow. They went to the salvation army so someone else could make a pillow.