The Muse

Good ideas  can be well thought out or spontaneous and can come from anywhere.  

Many attribute a Muse as their source of inspiration.  
The Muse might be our subconscious, divine inspiration,
or someone who plays the role of a sounding board,
encourager, or instigator for our ideas.
The Muse can come to us at odd times or places- in bed, in the shower, while driving,
while alone or in a crowd, while doing something completely unrelated,
or while in the presence of nature, beauty, or a master. 

The Muse most often comes when effort ceases and
one stops trying or thinking and just plays,
doodles, daydreams, relaxes, or does nothing.  
Who or what plays the role of Muse for you, 
and when does she most often come to you?

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  1. I'll have to think about that.

    Thanks for lunch and a great time as well. I am working on downloading the cd's. Next time we can eat from my garden and play with music.