How To Find 100 Artists

If you were determined to find 100 diverse and inspiring artists from around the world, how would you proceed?

Shea Hembrey, disappointed with the accessibility of modern art, recently invented 100 artists from around the world, creating their names, bios, interests, and art.  If you haven't seen his TED video yet, it's inspirational and highly entertaining.  

We don't know what we can accomplish till we dream it and then set about it. Inspired by Hembrey, and with the idea of 100 being so much more accessible than the 10000 repetitions required to become a master, I'm beginning a much less ambitious 3D exploratory paper project. 
When I get to 100, I should be one hundredth of the way to mastery, whatever that might look like. We'll wait to see how it unfolds, where it may lead, and whether it's worth revealing or proceeding with.    

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