Blogged Down

Lately almost everyone seems to have a website or a blog, at least one social network site, and several email accounts.  It's so easy to always have more to do.  In the last few months of blogging, I've found that the process is enjoyable but 
time consuming, and I'm sometimes feeling blogged down.   

Whenever we choose to do one thing, it's time away from 
everything else we might be doing. Time is our biggest asset in life 
and when we're not careful, it can slip away from us.  
All we really have is now, and it's up to each of us to spend it wisely. 
As we've collectively trended towards more digital and virtual technologies, we also tend to use and perhaps over-use computers, smart phones, and tablets.  With more and more choices, connectivity, and data available, we gather friends, apps and digital content in attempt to have more information faster and to stay virtually, endlessly and constantly in-the-know, amused, and connected.  If we're not careful, our online presences can command our time rather than serve us, pulling us emotionally and mentally away from presence wherever we physically are. 

I love the ease of online networking and the worlds it opens, but want to spend more time with friends, yoga, nature and art, so have decided to try throttling back with fewer "Inspiration For Creativity" posts.  At times there'll be longer posts, shorter posts, or no posts as I opt to spend more time in real space doing real things with real people, expanding clarity and presence in the art of living. 

Fun and learnings can be found in cyberspace, but ultimately the answers 
to life are within each of us, not in our electronic gizmo's or in imitating, conforming, 
or competing with what others are doing or saying online.  
Close encounters and experiences beat virtual ones.  

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  1. Looking forward to spending time with you this summer. I love your blog, but nothing beats the real thing.