Yoga of Creativity

In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, yoga– meaning union– is defined 
as a state of steadiness and ease.  

In hatha yoga, we learn to hold a variety of poses while focusing on the breath and flowing from one posture to another.  Through it, we aim for alignment and a comfortable balance between strength and ease, 
neither clenching muscles nor collapsing, completely present to whatever arises without a run-on commentary from the mind, and making each movement more like a meditation than an effort.  
Two yogis may look similar in a pose, but internally may be having entirely different experiences. 

With practice, we can learn to delve deeper into our internal existence and free ourselves of striving, resistance, and tensions.  
 By doing so, we sometimes reach the state of samadhi, where we melt into what's around us as our consciousness becomes one with our surroundings or object of meditation. 

Where do you find yourself the most at ease and at one with all?

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