One of my favorite musicians and inspirational writers is the jazz pianist 
and writer Kenny Werner.  In his story describing how he came to play the piano from 
a state of complete ease and letting go of obsession, desire, or stress, he says,
"If music is approached with commitment to effortlessness over excellence, 
it is possible through the years to develop an ease that is truly marvelous."

Had Kenny been an unskilled beginner, taking a break to just relax his fingers to the piano would likely have led him to worse playing rather than effortless excellence.

As English author Samuel Johnson said, "What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence."

Listen here to a short tune played by Kenny and the amazing Chris Potter.
Even if jazz isn't your thing, it's impressive to know they're making up the music as they play and to hear the ease that meaning-filled notes fly from their fingers. 
For more inspiration from Kenny Werner, I recommend his book Effortless Mastery.  Geared towards musicians, it may be of interest to artists of any media or anyone looking to gain more effortlessness and ease in what they do.  

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