Create Giggles

Imagine someone turns to you, glares into your eyes, and then exclaims, “Pig!”  

     How would you react?  

Now imagine that person is a 3 year old boy, 
with a vivid imagination and loads of joy and spontaneity. 

He turns to you, glares into your eyes awhile, then out of the blue exclaims, "Pig!"

          I reacted by laughing, 
            and he joined me.  

We stopped, continued eating our lunch, and ignored the questioning look of his mom.  We had been enacting the story of "The 3 Little Pigs," taking turns from time to time as he'd announce, "I'm the big bad wolf, you be the pigs."  Or, "I'm the pigs, you be the big bad wolf."  I thought the game was done hours ago...

I then looked him in the eyes, silently, smiling.  After a bit, I softly and slowly said, "P....IG!"   

                                             We giggled and laughed for about 5 minutes.  

This picture of him from about 6 months ago inspired me to share this little story today.   
How do you create giggles, and with who?

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