Zen Gardening

It was a nice space, mostly away from computers 
and filled with lots of boy giggles and baby hugs.
This photo, shot several years ago, embodies the peace and 
joy I'm feeling after a break from my normal routine: 
I returned from my daughter's farm to find heaps on my driveway– 6 yards of mulch and 4 yards of mushroom soil.  This seemed like a task that might never end, but I dug right into spreading what felt like miles of mulch around my garden beds.  I remembered a zen story about a boy moving a hill, 1 shovelful at a time; and so tackled my mulch mountain, bucket by bucketful. This week I'll be spreading the mushroom soil and getting my vegetable garden started.  

There's nothing like springtime to co-create with nature, with feet and hands digging in the earth. I'm currently reading Earthing, with interesting information suggesting why it feels so good when we connect with the earth, as it grounds our energies, improves feelings of wellness, and helps to naturally counteract free radicals on a bioenergetic level.  As the weather improves, I look forward to more earthing, and wish you plenty of time for natural, grounded wellness too.   What do you do to renew your energy in the spring?

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