The Open Box

Perhaps you've been waiting breathlessly 
to discover what's in my box. 

Wait no longer. 

Please, breathe.

Breathe deeply. 

Breathe moving your ribs out on the inhale, 
and in on the exhale, 
giving your heart and lungs a beautiful massage.  

Now, inhale, 
filling your lungs completely, 

and exhale, ready for a peak inside:
Here's the close-up view:
Yes, inhale again.  
It's really a box filled with dirty, rusty, mostly broken nuts and bolts. When I found this again, I momentarily considered throwing it out or reburying it somewhere deeper, like on my husband's workbench. I quickly talked sense back into me and decided to immediately make something out of it, thereby proving it's worth, validating the purchase, and quelling any notion that I could be bordering on some sort of... something, let's leave it unnamed. Worries and visions of hoarders anonymous coming to excavate me and dragging my good stuff away were quickly dispelled and replaced with relief and conviction. 
I set right to the project at hand...

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