Creating Family

Here it is, a little ol' nutty family, and a puppy too, out for their daily stroll.  
 Creating family may be one of the highests thing a person can do. 

Years ago, when I birthed my first daughter Anna, I fell instantly and permanently in love.  I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was perfect and beautiful and amazing in every way. It felt like the pressure to achieve anything else was completely lifted from my shoulders. 

How can you trump the miracle of creating life, 
bringing new little spirits into the world? 

We were blessed with a son and another daughter, each time renewing that 
deep love and sense of perfection, marvels, and unique creation. 
You may argue that I didn't really create them, 
I just gave the space for them to be. 

I would agree.

Looking back from where I am now, with my children grown and an empty nest, 
it's possible they had more influence on creating who I am than all my effort, 
energy and intention to positively influence them. For this, I send my deepest thanks. 

We can give our children their best start, 
 love and nurture them with open heart,
and grow together, enjoying, and seeing how they 
continue to create their lives as they move beyond us. 

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