The Box

Are there any pack rats out there?

I don't much like to shop, but love to bargain hunt at yard sales and thrift shops. 
I rationalize this obsession of rummaging through others' discards by the thought 
that I'm doing my little part to keep things out of the landfills and
creating less new junk in the world. It also sparks my creative juices to 
find interesting things and wonder at their history.  

So, the other day I was searching for something and ran across this box.
I had completely forgotten about it, having picked it up about 2 summers ago, a steal at just 25 cents.  When I opened it and remembered my intention for it, I really wondered if maybe I should just start saving my quarters.  For that matter, maybe it's time to start some serious spring cleaning and get rid of all these wonderful treasures that I'm going to make something out of some day.  

The thing about boxes is their capacity to hold, conceal, and protect whatever we tuck 
into them. Over the years I've gathered a few boxes, and let many others go. The 
well-worn cedar chest these are posing on is from my grandma, who, when I begged,
would occasionally let me peak at what she was saving inside. 
Who can resist an unopened box?
Sometimes, it's the simplest box that holds our favorite things.
The heart is it's own container, holding all that's dearest and matters most.
We're like a box within a box, with our bodies holding our hearts. 
We can clench and try to conceal or protect what's inside, 
or we can open and let out the wonders within

This week, with a little help, I'm creating 
something very special and can't wait to share it.  
What are you up to?  What favorite box do you fill, and with what?

1 comment:

  1. I can't resist a good box - and my eye is always drawn to them in thrift shops or anywhere else for that matter. I love their variety and their beauty on the outside as much as their exciting storage potential.
    As for my heart - some of the treasures in there may be a little dark...