Life may throw in challenges, progress at times will seem slow, doubts and conflicts may inevitably set in, and changing circumstances may conspire to pull us off our creative track.
Without steady committed practice, we can lose momentum and inertia sets in.
If we carve out the time and space for what's most important in the art of our lives, 
we can fit the rest of our To Do's around this.
Each of us can strive towards balance by looking at the hours and energy we give to all aspects of life- family, relations, art, work, chores, recreation, well-being, etc.  We can let go of areas in our lives that are time and energy drains, and substitute them with what enlivens and enriches us.    

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    It takes time to have more visitors and hits. I have been blogging for over 5 years and I can tell you, when you go visit other blogs and comment, people will see you and will click to visit you as well. Keep doing your art, I love the screws and nuts, really cool! And the children pictures! I love those! Congratulations on the new baby girl in the family!
    Keep creating!