What's Important

"All that counts in life is intention."  Andrea Bocelli
Baby Bocelli?

I doubt anyone’s become a great singer without desiring to sing
...or become a master painter without setting their heart and mind to it
...or written a novel without intending to do so
...or made a gourmet meal while rushing reluctantly
...or become an expert at anything without intention.


Sometimes serendipity leads to unintentional wonders, but often when this
happens, it's because the wings of good intention have already been set in motion.

Forming and keeping intentions doesn’t mean we must be serious and somber as we set 
about things, nor does it guarantee any particular outcome.  Without intent, 
we certainly won't get all we want and are capable of. A few well–set intentions
can help us to focus, explore, grow, and accomplish some of our dreams. 
Where can you free space and time towards your intentions?


  1. Hi Andree! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm now following you too. I wanted to answer your question about Tam's M3 class. There is a blue button at the top right of my blog saying
    "I'm making magic with Tam". It takes you to her Ning site
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    I love your blog post and your art too! Can't wait for more. Jessica

  2. Your blog is so pretty, fun and inspiring! And I really like your thoughts on intentions.