Inner Movement

Someone I know gets restless and moves to a new house every few years.
She settles in with her same stuff and actions, and before long 
is restless and itching to move again.

Sages through the ages have often retreated for days or years, secluded 
with nothing but themselves; yet they  come back transformed.

When we open our hearts and minds and take time to silently explore within, we can examine what enlivens and strengthens us.  We might discover new ways of understanding and expressing our truth in all we create, and can come to know and harness all the wonders within and without.


  1. Wow -- someone I know does that too!

  2. Someone very close to me does that too! I love the lesson. Basically, if a person doesn't go within to discover what really matters and what really makes them happy they will continue to have that feeling of restlessness.