Inner Movement

Someone I know gets restless and moves to a new house every few years.
She settles in with her same stuff and actions, and before long 
is restless and itching to move again.

Sages through the ages have often retreated for days or years, secluded 
with nothing but themselves; yet they  come back transformed.

When we open our hearts and minds and take time to silently explore within, we can examine what enlivens and strengthens us.  We might discover new ways of understanding and expressing our truth in all we create, and can come to know and harness all the wonders within and without.


One Thing Differently

Living is moving, and there are infinite ways to explore where to stretch in what you do.  

Some people need a risky or exciting adventure.

Through conversation, experiences, community, and reaching out to help, we can learn more about our selves and others.

On our journey, we can explore new roads or look with fresh eyes, seeing what we missed before. 
Whether working, relaxing, exercising, or creating,we can
experiment with moving in new ways and on new paths.
To live a creative life and stay inspired, try reaching and doing one thing differently each day.  



My husband and I often play the wishbone game.  

He insists the short end wins, but I’m convinced the long end does.  Whenever we come across a wishbone, we both make a wish, he then yanks quickly to break off the short end, and we both declare, 

Wishes are hopes and desires, 
sometimes fleeting.  
Intentions can go beyond wishes,
because we set them for ourselves 
to guide us towards our highest goals.
Though a lot in our lives also gets created unintentionally, it’s the intentions we set and follow through with that empower us and change our hearts and lives in positive ways. 
How do you feel when your intentions are fulfilled?


What's Important

"All that counts in life is intention."  Andrea Bocelli
Baby Bocelli?

I doubt anyone’s become a great singer without desiring to sing
...or become a master painter without setting their heart and mind to it
...or written a novel without intending to do so
...or made a gourmet meal while rushing reluctantly
...or become an expert at anything without intention.


Sometimes serendipity leads to unintentional wonders, but often when this
happens, it's because the wings of good intention have already been set in motion.

Forming and keeping intentions doesn’t mean we must be serious and somber as we set 
about things, nor does it guarantee any particular outcome.  Without intent, 
we certainly won't get all we want and are capable of. A few well–set intentions
can help us to focus, explore, grow, and accomplish some of our dreams. 
Where can you free space and time towards your intentions?