Nature's Creating

Today's photo stroll in the woods found winter thawing.

Closer to home, a neighbor's garden bed is already budding:

Nature's busy creating, and it's about to spring.  



Happy Valentine's Day

“Wherever you are 
in whatever circumstances you find yourself
strive to be a lover.”    Rumi

             Today we remember to love, and some of us express it by 
                 making paper hearts or giving roses and chocolates.  
               Shhh.  Don’t tell. I painted 89 little love notes for 
         my man and tucked them all over in and around his 
         stuff.  It may take him years to uncover them all.  

          We’ll go from there today.  Hmmm, what else shall we make?  
     How will you create and share what’s in your heart today? 


My Way

Here's a glimpse of my way
To map yours, start with 1 word or picture, and quickly add
 arrows or branches connecting whatever comes into your mind.

Enjoy your way, and enjoy your day.